Deja Vu On The Shelves Of Boots

So, I just wanted to write a quick post on something that has thoroughly irritated me. You may have noticed that the lovely Frontcover sets that we have come to know and love (and are quite frankly synonymous with Christmas!) haven’t made their usual appearance on the shelves at Boots this year. You wanna know why?

Boots1 Deja Vu On The Shelves Of Boots

In addition to Frontcover disappearing, you may have noticed these Boots 17 branded imitations in their place. Well, what happened is this: Boots approached Frontcover with an offer that came with a big price: raising the prices of their kits, including less product in each kit, and using cheaper ingredients to create them. Naturally, Frontcover told them to stick it somewhere unpleasant.

This means that Frontcover will no longer be sold in Boots, and these crap 17 kits will be in their place. This really bothers me – whilst I’m really pleased that Frontcover didn’t sell out by raising the price and lowering the quality of their products, I’m annoyed that Boots have copied their kits so precisely. This 17 Nail Clash kit bears a rather striking resemblance to Frontcover’s Brush Work kit from last year. I mean.. they haven’t even attempted to do something original.

Boots2 Deja Vu On The Shelves Of Boots

Obviously Boots know that Frontcover and the format of their kits have been a great seller for them over the years, so they felt all they could do was create a crap imitation so as not to miss out on all that lovely profit. Siiigh. Whilst I generally think 17′s products are alright, I won’t be purchasing any of these kits for a comparison or anything ’cause I think what they’ve done is totally rubbish.

Boots3 Deja Vu On The Shelves Of Boots

Still, big high fives to Frontcover for sticking by their morals and refusing to compromise the quality of their products. Frontcover is now available via their webstore, QVC and, if you’re an international reader, in Sephora. See, Boots – they don’t need you, they’ve got bigger and better things happening!

Do you care that Boots have so blatantly ripped off Frontcover here? Will you be buying any of the 17 kits in lieu of Frontcover?